Hot Tub FAQ

Hot Tub FAQ

We are regularly asked questions that are fairly similar, we thought it would be helpful to detail some information below.  If your question isn’t answered below, please click here to send us an Email.

What surface can the Hot Tub sit on?

Any flat surface that is durable and on the same level.  We need access to a hose and also you need an electrical point nearby so it can be inflated and heated etc.

What is the weight of the Hot Tub?

When the Hot Tub is full, it weighs approx. 1 tonne.

How long does it take to assemble the Hot Tub?

Our delivery team will set up your Hot Tub in approx. 30 minutes.

How long does it take to fill the Hot Tub with water?

Tends to be approx. 1.5 – 2 hours.

How do I / you get the water out of the Hot Tub?

The Hot Tub has a bottom drain, we will connect a hose and drain the water out.

Do I need to test the water?

No, our delivery team will do this for you.

What happens with excess water that splashes out of the Hot Tub?

We recommend that you have an area for the Hot Tub that you don’t mind getting wet from the water, however we don’t take responsibility for water on your grass or decking.  If you have children, it may be an idea to have some cover to protect your garden.

Is the control panel easy to use?

Yes, we explain it to you when setting it up.

Can you go in the Hot Tub straight away?

No, it needs approx. 10 hours minimum to heat up and the chemicals we put in the water need to reach a safe level.

How long can you stay in the Hot Tub for?

Generally it is recommended you stay in for approx. 30mts – 1 hour (at a time).  The water will gradually cool down and you may want to heat it back up again.  The water will not re-heat if the bubbles are switched on constantly.

Can I run the water heater and air jets at the same time?

Unfortunately not, only one of these functions can be run at any one time, so our recommendation is if you want to stay in the Hot Tub for longer, don’t have the bubbles on constantly.

Can I leave the pump out in the rain?

The pump is splash proof not waterproof.  Please cover it in heavy rain for protection.

Can the Hot Tub be used indoors?

Yes, but please remember the area will get wet.  Also, ensure the area is well ventilated.  We take no responsibility for the area inside your home getting wet from the Hot Tub.

Is the Hot Tub itself well built?

Yes, you would be surprised how sturdy it is.  The tub needs to be inflated correctly (we do this) and not neglected i.e. a party situation.

Are children allowed in the Hot Tubs?

Yes only if supervised at all times.

What happens if the water gets really dirty?

We can come out and change the water, clean the tub and fill it back up, but there will be an additional charge for this.  See terms of hire.

When children are jumping in and out the Hot Tub how can we keep the water clean?

We recommend you have a basin for washing feet that may have grass or dirt on them.  This will help keep the water clean, for you and others to use.

Is the Hot Tub hygienic?

Generally speaking – yes.  Chemicals are in the water, so it is sanitized.

Can I smoke in the Hot Tub?

This is not permitted.

Can I drink in the Hot Tub?

This is not permitted.

What are the electrical requirements?

The Hot Tub plugs into a 13 AMP socket, it is recommended that you use a main power point instead of an extension lead.

Do you sell Hot Tubs?

Yes, please contact us for a quotation.

Is there a discount for longer hire terms?

Yes, please contact us for the best rates.




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